"Choosing O&A was the single best decision I made during my book's publication process. I made dozens of national television, radio, and print appearances because of O&A’s efforts, and my book landed on the New York Times bestseller list. I can't imagine publishing a book without O&A!"

—Nathaniel Fick, author, One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer

  • About Your Time Publishing
    Publicity for the BusyBodyBook
  • Ballantine Books
    Publicity for select titles
  • Dr. Susan Battley
    Founder of Battley Performance Consulting
    General publicity and editorial services
  • Zeb Bradford and Frederic Brown
    Publicity for their book America’s Army
    (Praeger, March 2008)
  • ChicMomMagazine.com
    Editorial development
  • Civilian Pictures
    Publicity for the film The Life of Reilly
  • Robin Cutler
    Publicity for her book A Soul on Trial
    (Rowman & Littlefield, October 2007)
  • Bob Danzig
    Former 20+ year CEO of The Hearst Newspaper Group and vice president of The Hearst Corporation
    Editorial development, production management, and public relations for all of his books
  • Christian Davenport
    Publicity for his book As You Were
    (John Wiley & Sons, June 2009)
  • DGW
    Publicity for the film Darius Goes West
    Award-winning documentary
  • Nathaniel Fick
    Publicity for his book One Bullet Away
    (Houghton Mifflin, October 2005)
  • Gigantic Films
    Publicity for the film Flannel Pajamas
    (Official Selection, 2006 Sundance Film Festival)
  • HollandBrown Books
    Publicity for the book This Way North
    (May 2008, by Olly Williams)
  • Seth Kaplan
    Publicity for his book Fixing Fragile States (July 2008, Praeger)
  • Libero, LLC
    Publicity for the film Sweet Land
    (2007 Spirit Award Winner for Best First Feature)
  • MBI Publishing
    Publicity for select titles from 2004 to the present
  • National Geographic Books
    Publicity for the book The Bigger Picture (November 2007, by Diana Walker)
    Publicity for the book Dear First Lady
    (March 2008, by Dwight Young and Margaret Johnson)
  • New Roz
    Publicity for the film David & Layla
  • Oneworld Publications
    Publicity for select titles
  • Jean Otte
    Founder of WOMEN Unlimited
    Editorial development of her book Changing the Corporate Landscape (Longstreet Press, March 2003)
  • OTW, LLC
    Publicity for the documentary The War Tapes (Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Tribeca Film Festival)
  • Praeger Security International
    Publicity for select titles and for the PSI Web site launch
  • Presidio Press
    Publicity for select titles
  • Steven Pressfield
    Publicity for his book The Afghan Campaign (Doubleday, August 2006)
    Outreach for the launch of his vlog and web series “It’s the Tribes, Stupid”
  • Paul Rieckhoff
    Publicity for his book Chasing Ghosts (Penguin/NAL Caliber, May 2006)
  • Nicholas Schmidle
    Publicity for his book To Live or to Perish Forever
    (Henry Holt & Co. , May 2009)
  • Frank Schaeffer
    Publicity for his book Baby Jack
    (Carroll and Graf/Avalon, October 2006)
  • United States Naval Institute Press
    Publicity for the book True Believer
    (June 2007, by Scott Carmichael)
    Publicity for the book Sheriff of Ramadi
    (October 2008, by Dick Couch)
    Publicity for the book Why Vietnam Matters (October 2008, by Rufus Phillips)
  • VSP Books
    Publicity for the book President Adams’ Alligator (October 2004, by Peter & Cheryl Barnes)
  • Washington Independent Writers
    Web site and newsletter editorial and production management
  • Zenith Press
    Publicity for select titles from 2004 to the present

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